Lenders In NJ New Jersey is the official mortgage reference site. If you are here visiting us it is because you may be looking for Lenders In NJ New Jersey. Here, you will get an overview on what you should look for when looking for a lender and then recommend a lender in NJ New Jersey that offers a wide array of programs combined with low rates and fees. .... We Recommend This Lender


Your new home purchase (or refinance) will be one of the largest purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. Therefore, it is very important to learn about the process, the types of mortgages and the best lenders in NJ New Jersey. During your search for lenders in NJ New Jersey, you should be prepared to ask various question and/or find out the answers to some of the items below...

* The types of mortgage loans offered.

* Programs for first time homebuyers.

* Interest rates for the 30 yr fixed mortgages with and without points.

* Will mortgage insurance be required.

* How much principal needs to be paid before the mortgage insurance is removed.

* Will an escrow account for taxes and insurance be required.

* Find out what the fees will be. All closing costs.

* Will there be a pre-payment penalty for paying off the loan early. If so, how much.


Prior to meeting with a loan officer, you should prepare yourself by gathering all of the appropriate documentation related to income and assets. If you are self employed and cannot verify your income, then you may need stated income loans in NJ (New Jersey) . There are some lenders in NJ New Jersey who offer stated income loans. Speak with the loan officer well before shopping for your new home so you can find out exactly how much you qualify for and determine whether there are any credit issues which need to be repaired.

When you are speaking with a loan officer for the first time, he or she should give you a feeling of trust. Allow him to speak frankly with you. A good loan officer should recommend a course of action which may mean that he loses your business. If you are stretching yourself to buy a home, he should tell you that to prevent future financial problems. If you are trying to buy a home that is too expensive for you, then a professional loan officer should advise you of that and recommend an alternative. It may mean that you cannot buy a home right now and may have to wait until conditions change.

Now to the lenders in NJ New Jersey. Many people go to the internet and rate shop with services like Lending Tree for example. You need to know that the lenders who participate in those programs pay a lot of money to be there. They need to make up for those costs somehow. That is done via the fees. Although you may see a rate quote that appears to be low and with no points, there are probably other fees that are inflated to make up the difference.

We recommend that you find a mortgage broker who has access to ALL of the available programs, who is willing to take the time to speak with you in detail, and who can offer a competitive rate with the standard fees. Why a mortgage broker?

Many self employed borrowers cannot document or verify their income. In that case, they would need a "Stated Income Loans in NJ". You can read more about those stated income loan options in NJ here.

Now that you have absorbed just a sample of the information needed....

We looked for lenders in NJ New Jersey that had the best rates and options for all mortgage programs. In addition to low rates, personal service and low costs are also important. When weighing all of these factors, we highly recommend that you contact DREAM HOME FINANCING for your financing needs.


If you shopping for a loan here, you are most likely either living in New Jersey or looking to move to NJ. We also believe you would be interested in Neighborhoods In New Jersey. There you will find basic info on Towns in NJ such as schools, restaurants and much more.


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